Wong Lung Stream

Unpolluted Paradise For You To Explore

In the past, it used to be very difficult to go to Wong lung Stream. But now, it is much simpler.

Walk along the pavement of the left hand side of the Fire Station at Tung Chung New Town. After the bridge, it is Wong Lung Hang Road. Along the path, you will pass through Chek Lap Kok Village. There are more and more grass and bushes on both sides... Yes, you are heading to the mysterious wonderland.

After around 20-minute walk, you now arrive at the lower course of Wong Lung Stream. Referring to the picture, from the right hand side of the dam, there is a small path leading to the stream-bed after passing through a wood. Shuang Tung Au is a long way to go... but we have to start climbing up from here now!!!

At the end of the lower course, here are the scattered rocks ... just like the Tai Shing Stream, right? Yet, it is not that difficult.

Just hop from one rock to another, feel like sparrows hoping around... you are now at home - the Home of Nature. Treat it as the warm-ups and you are about to explore your own wonderland.

Amazing! Forget the time and your exact location... you may wonder if you're now in the secret valley. You are surrounded by the wood or the rocky walls. Yes, it is so foggy that you may have difficulty in seeing your hands. The humidity adds sense of mystery to your adventure!

Be attentive to every part of the valley and the stream, see if you will be so lucky that you can "say hi" to the wildlife - the deer in the picture.

Here must be the paradise, or she won't choose to live there.

Wong Lung is well-known for its deep and wide pool. With the clear water and the large rocks on the poolside, it is surely your choice to have a swim here!!!

Wong Lung Waterfall is the milestone of a new section of your walk. After the waterfall, you do head to the raw land.

Before the next adventure,
why not have fun in the stream first?

In the middle, here is the Right Dragon. It is in the narrow valley and the sunshine is blocked. With the dark rocky wall, cold feelings attack you. As a result of the longstanding exposure to the washing of the waterfall, the hanging cliff is fully covered with moss. You can hardly find any raw scenery like this in the territory.
After around 30 minutes' walk, you reach the San Lung Hap (Three-Dragon Gap). Firstly, it is the Left Dragon to welcome you. The water falls from the top of the cliff (more than 100 metres high). You will surely be amazed at the spectacular view.

wl_10.jpg (37935 bytes)

Don't "look back"? No way, you have passed through the 2 Dragon Lands. Yes, you are now landed in the heart of the wood of the valley. You're not dreaming!!! This is a PART of the modern city - Hongkong!!!

At the end of the Three-Dragon Gap is the Lung Mei Bo (the Dragon Tail Waterfall) which is also the most distinctive one I have ever seen. As Mr Kei Lun-fung said, its flow is just like a frightened white snake darting and falling down...

However, the adventure does not end here. The Wong Lung San Him (the three traps/risks of the Wong Lung Stream) is waiting for you.

From the Dragon Tail Waterfall, walk for around 20 metres, you now arrive at the Tun Tight Cliff (ie Bamboo Ladder Cliff). There is no path leading to the top of the cliff but only this natural ladder. What a wonderful piece of work of the Great Nature! Some other enthusiastic nature lovers have fixed some ropes for other adventurers. These should be of help to them!!!

In 1996, the ladder "stopped service".

On the top of the ladder, here is the z-shaped path. On the one side is the wall and the other side is the cliff... interesting landscape!

wl_16.jpg (58604 bytes)
Hurrah! The ladder is now re-open to all in 1999.

The last section is She Do Tui (the drawing back of Snake). The slope is fully covered with the ropes which help you climb up the cliff... but... you still can't help wiping out the sweat dripping from your forehead....oh la la....

Finish? I'm afraid not. Walk up around 20 meters and at the intersection, you have to choose which path to leave...

"Intersection in Life":

From the left path up to the top of the mountain, to start with, it is the rocky path. It is advisable to have the small-size teammate to lead as the loose small stones will be the "by-products" accompanying you during the walk. Mind other team members to be careful. After that, you have to climb up a very steep and "bald" thin grass slope.
This path is a bit tough but much safer. On the way to your destination - Shuang Tung Au, you don't just walk with your head down but you can wave your hands and "say hi" to Shuang Tung Au because you can SEE it.
From the right path back to the top of the Dragon Tail Waterfall, the stream bed is getting narrower and narrower. Along the stream, there is neither big pools nor long waterfalls. Walk under the occasional sunshine and pass through the wood.... at times, you "feel lost" and forget the time and the long distance... finally you reach the Lantau Trail.
This section is featured with the wood and the water. Yet, the path is slippery and a bit dangerous. It is highly recommended to have the walk led by the experienced adventurers.

Anyway, either one leads you back to the Lantau Trail at Shuang Tung Au. It should be the evening then. Enjoy your walk back to the town. You may find your legs powerless but you surely have fulfillment, right?